• RideX – GS Transylvania Tour
    Tour price:
    6 days tour

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GS Transylvania Tour

<< Pentru informații în română apasă AICI >>

Over 1.500 km of tarmac, gravel roads and off-road tracks.

GS TT is a motorcycle tour through the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Five riding days with superbe landscapes, surrounded by people sharing the same passion for motorcycle riding and adventure. Five demanding riding days which are worth riding until the last kilometer of the track. Participants should come with their own GS motorcycle.

GS TT is exclusively destinated to GS owners and designed for BMW GS motorcycles. Participants should come with their own motorcycle. The daily riding distance is around 250 to 380 km. Tarmac roads are less than 40%. There are no difficult tracks, but there are some technical segments, concentration and good physical shape are requested.

Due to the high percentage of off-road tracks, off-road tires are a MUST. The tour is GPS-guided, therefore a GPS is mandatory.

Included in the tour price:

  • 6 overnight stays in double rooms/ including breakfast, takeaway lunch, and dinner
  • Off-Road Training on the first day of the event
  • GPS tracks for every day
  • 4 experienced tour guides
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Instructor and Tourguide
  • Technical assistance during the whole tour
  • Sweep car
  • Photo and video material after the tour
  • Wonderful atmosphere and GREAT MEMORIES 🙂

GS TT videos.